I'm an Australian artist with a previous life in the government/corporate sector. Somehow I survived the humdrum of 9 to 5 work by always taking on new projects generally in fields I knew nothing about. But I realised I was a round peg in a square hole, so now I have synthesised half a lifetime of informal art training to focus completely on painting, drawing and design. 


I live in paradise (ie. I'm not dead yet, but work from a stunning beachside location on the east coast of Australia). Since moving to the Sunshine Coast and spending so much time in the surf and on the rocky outcrops near my home, the intense blues, soft browns, and the spirit of the ocean seem to have captured my senses.  I’ve always been intrigued by the patterns of nature, and the surf produces such intense, wild, swirling, unpredictable hues and patterns; I’m continually amazed at both the sheer beauty and the fearsome power of the ocean. Also, the rugged and colourful rocky outcrops of the coastline are a constant source of wonder and seem to have a great spiritual presence. 

Acquiring the works:

Original works for sale are tagged. Most of the paintings are available as fine art reproductions on the highest quality paper or other substrate.  Works can also be reproduced in any size or format, or used as a design base for collaboration. A small (30x30cm) reproduction on fine art matte paper would cost $90, and prices range upwards depending on size.  Other fine art reproduction options include juniper gloss rag paper, fine art canvas, and gallery acrylic (which produces a stunning thick glossy finish).  Get in touch and we can collaborate to create something unique for you.

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