creative works and design ideas

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Welcome to my gallery of creative works and design ideas. The works are quite diverse and speak of my many interests. Some of the paintings are serene and spiritual, but most are colourful, busy and complex. Because I experience the world as a kind of busy frieze of activity, I often produce work that has a lot of surface pattern and movement. I’m very interested in the way colour, shape, and movement stimulate emotional responses, and I try to capture the spirit of things I see or experience.

From my home I look to the ocean on one side and sunsets over the mountains on the other. Maybe that is why you will see a lot of blue and orange in the work. My drawings are completely different and speak to the human condition, depicting the tensions and relationships between people, and poking fun at our collective madness.

I also look within, as Carl Jung said : 'Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.' And there is fair amount of madness within, hence the quirkiness of many of the pieces.


The works are designed to be used. By that I mean used in any context, as fine art originals, as prints, or as motifs for any kind of design work. I'm not at all precious about the possibilities, so if you see something that's the wrong shape, size, or colour wave, just tell me what you need.  Maybe we can create it together!